Sure love is Rough – But is it worth the ride?

In each of our relationships, too often we can be tempted to think in black and white. It’s perfect – err wait up! Where’s the exit! There is a list of “lines” unique to the individual, but culturally connected, that when crossed, trigger immediate relationship re-evaluation.

Scenes from Great Movies and Adaptations that Resonate – part one.

A movie – like a song – is an artform that can become a wormhole, taking the viewer back to the place and time they first watched it.

The effect it has on us can be so powerful, that certain characters or individual lines seem spoken for us personally. They reflect a truth in our hearts or desires, that we ourself were either unaware of or unsure how to articulate.

Meme 4.

‘It turned out the future had a hard time understanding, and didn’t have much to do with me anymore. The future was a hard fought lesson – that all you can do and know it was worth the effort, is make someone else’s loneliness a little less obvious.’