The author and the book.

9FE715B5-DEAB-45AA-8176-5CA2D131BF49My name is Nick Wood. I’m a native Brightonian, born and bred against the English Channel. I have written since my teenage years and slowly grown within myself as a writer. A couple of years ago I set out to bring together a collection of my work and at the beggining of 2018 I reached that goal, of having my book in print.

Ted Hughes, Bukowski, Robinson Jeffers and Philip Larkin are influences. I find their voices invite me back time and time again. It’s a stretch to call them modern now, all having long since died, yet they live on vividly in their work, remaining hugely relevant to the understanding of what great poetry can be, and why poetry remains even a relevant form of expression.

I appreciate honest critics. I feel it helps us grow as writers, there is no shame in seeing your craft critiqued, it’s the best external method of improvement. Always feel free to give an honest review. I’d much rather that, than telling me something you think I would want to hear.

I have recently compiled and published the first collection of work entitled ‘Sea sores’. I look forward to feed back and reviews.

Get your copy of Sea sores here.


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