Opposite The Mansion’s Temple

Video poem filmed down Queens road Brighton Page 29 of the book “Sea Sores – A Brightonian Book” Available on link in bio.


Written about seeing a couple of guys sobering up in the dawn light of an abandoned church yard.

The counter point of daybreak and their destitution stood out with a strange beauty. Their place of rest was opposite the prosperous Free mansion’s temple and they posed through exhaustion on an old grave plinth; upon the uneven turf where the remains of Brighton’s dead lay equally untroubled.

Each figure posed like a statue might as if every angle was carefully considered by a craftspersons hand. Exposed to the elements they were in an obvious transition between the worlds unseen. They went largely unnoticed in everyway, as the commuters and partying kids hurried toward nearby Brighton Station.

Those with very little have stripped their life back by accident or design – to a point which most others find disturbing, if only that their exposure gives flight to an illusion which comforts us most. Like the belief those filing cabinets of deeds and calenders neatly laid with meetings will make a clarity out of the chaos. When perhaps in truth, only chaos is capable of clarity and in the acceptance of that then chaos offers a certain calm.

Just my thought on it anyway.



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