Sea Sores – The Audio Book Available Now By Request.

The audio book is ready! It will be available on Audible and on iTunes soon (it’s been awaiting review on there since 7 Aug so can’t give a launch date), until then I’ve decided to send it personally as an MP3, for you to download on your phone or laptop and bypass the middle man. 

The book runs at just under an hour and I enjoyed producing it. Feel free to use the new PayPal link for your copy.

It’s £9.99, €11.00, $12.00. Leave your email in the PayPal message. I will immediately send you the full eight chapters of the collection. It has been lovingly produced to a high quality, narrated by myself.

Alternatively you can email me at nickjohn or DM @seasores_njw on Instagram. I will send it for free to those who want it but can’t afford it due to the economy as it is, we’ll sort something out. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to anyone that has brought the book or is considering taking a chance on it.

To check out the book

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