What is the book about?

9FE715B5-DEAB-45AA-8176-5CA2D131BF49For many this world is a perpetual half-way point, a cash strapped twilight between limitless dreams and an even greater apathy to grasp them.

A nowhere city, between the familiar troubled beginning and the universal overdue destination. On the plus side this maddening middle turns out to be a worthy world to write about.

Sea sores is a debut collection of modern poetry in which Brighton and the sea, are recurring themes. The energetic city is situated at the fault line between England and the continent, between economic progress and economic stagnation, the place where sea, sky and land combine. A place where the counter point of the isolate country-side against the vibrant inner-city create a tension and energy, that has attracted many an outsider to call Brighton home.

It is a fairly large collection of fragments, that when read as a whole or in part aim to create a sense of place and time.

The work in these 250 pages explores themes of family, work, relationships and the natural world. It also deals with the anonymous reality of living in today’s fast paced, unforgiving economy. Increasingly most live within a lifestyle lacking privacy, at the same time our jobs demand long hours, for low-pay, and are largely unsecured. What the real world deprives us of is now subsidised by the virtual world, it provides an outlet for escape, with addictive alga-rhythms programmed to feed off our stunted attention spans. A place of placebo, that never provides conclusion, true satisfaction or cure.

I do not have the answers to any of these socio-economic dilemmas, I have merely observed and noted over time, what it is like to live and work in today’s society. This is a work of personal exploration, an escape from reality through the detoxicating effects of writing— detailing in my own manor, the varied and fragile people that together make the human experience of so eternally complexing, troubling, inspiring and perplexing.

To find the truth and the commonality within this experience is common aspiration of many writers. Sea sores is my attempt at trying to capture in my verses something worth the exercise and energies, something that will speak out from its pages to the reader as true, heartfelt and worthy of being written. I can hope for nothing more.

I appreciate greatly you taking the time to visit my book and even to consider purchasing my book, it means a lot to me every time someone makes that connection, either with me through my writing or begins a communication in relation to our common interest in writing and reading.

Don’t be shy, life’s to short, if you’ve read this far get in touch, comment and say hello.

Please contact me on here or on my work email Nickjohnwood@mail.com — alternately at seasores on instagram.

Order my title from amazon.com here. Or search for it on your local amazon site if outside the USA to cut down on postage costs.


  1. AnElephantCant

    I dislike being pedantic, but if you really aspire to successful writing then a proof-reader is a must.
    I trust the little typos and grammatical flaws in this piece are not typical of your work.
    Good luck.

    • N J W

      Thanks for your honesty. I have a form of dyslexia that makes it hard to see certain flaws, I work hard to remove them, yet without the help of an editor some do unfortunately creep onto my blog. My published book if far more scrutinised and carefully edited. I enjoyed reading your poetry. Once I get this blog fully up and running there will be more of my complete poems. I hope you will stop by then to take a look, regards Nick

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