Sea sores – What’s the big deal?

9FE715B5-DEAB-45AA-8176-5CA2D131BF49For all too many, each day is a perpetual halfway point, a cash-strapped twilight between limitless dreams, and an even greater apathy to attain them.  Hanging on in there somewhere between the troubled beginning and the overdue destination.

Brighton and the sea, are recurring themes in my work, but I also post articles about the life I lived abroad and the world I worked in through the past. Check out the different feeds in the menu to explore fully.

This is a site of personal exploration, an escape from reality through the detoxicating effects of writing. I am trying to explore the varied and fragile people that I meet — those that make my home city of Brighton the vibrate city it is.

Sea sores is my attempt at creating something worthy of being written. I can hope for nothing more.

Please contact me on here or email — alternately reach out at @seasores on Instagram.


  1. I dislike being pedantic, but if you really aspire to successful writing then a proof-reader is a must.
    I trust the little typos and grammatical flaws in this piece are not typical of your work.
    Good luck.


    1. Thanks for your honesty. I have a form of dyslexia that makes it hard to see certain flaws, I work hard to remove them, yet without the help of an editor some do unfortunately creep onto my blog. My published book if far more scrutinised and carefully edited. I enjoyed reading your poetry. Once I get this blog fully up and running there will be more of my complete poems. I hope you will stop by then to take a look, regards Nick


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