Between a throne and a hard place.

A man is capable of so much but often does so little. Too often he dies a death of a thousand inconsequential tasks. Every man knows something about himself that no other soul will, and it is this, that torments him, what drives him to drink, into self destruction, depression and sabotages relationships. Men pretend the ‘what he earns’ or the ‘what he believes in’ has some meaning.

Occasionally someone does slip through the net, achieving all that they were capable of. Westand there gazing at our brother or sister in wonder, we write books about them and remember their deeds in histories, but they were little different from you or I; they just made a leap of faith, with a little more guts, at the right time and had a little more luck, they just didn’t mind falling on their face as much as the rest of us.

Perhaps realising before it was too late, that the pointless activities filling our lives take up about as much time and effort to achieve, as the greater goals would, therefore between the two, it is easier to see that if this train is always going the same way, they might as well risk riding on the roof.


  1. Jenny Baird

    Life is full of clutter for many of us. We drag our feet around not knowing what we really want because there are so many options, and so many pieces of advice on what we should be doing, or should not be doing that we start to get lost and end up floating around in a sea of floaters.

    Good post!

    • N J W

      Hay thanks Jenny, too many options, I agree. I make all the same mistakes as everybody else but I believe its never too late to get out of that ‘sea of floaters’ and start toward a single greater destination, the small stuff will drop away and options that were never really there in the first place will no longer concern you. As long as there is a single breath left then its never too late to turn a dream into a premonition. .

      • Jenny Baird

        Very true! I believe this as well. At the ripe age of 34 I am finally figuring out what I want. Even though I had a good idea all along, I doubted myself and listened to the “floaters” advice and got lost for a while. Listening to the heart is the only way to go!

  2. N J W

    Hay your 34 congratulations you’re one year older than me. Us eighties kids have suddenly found ourselves looking down the barrel of our thirties! how did that happen? I’m sure I was twenty four a year or two ago! But I agree your thirties are your twenties but with a better idea of who you are and where the hell you should be going (if your lucky that is).

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