Your future is a wild horse, belonging to you and no one else.

don’t stand back watching it run away, hoping one day it

will tame itself, or that someone else will come take the reins

cause they won’t, they’ve got their own

bruised buck to break in.

So when you do try taming it, do so without fear of falling.

don’t become disheartened when others

ride away before your charge is ready.

never let the ease that they appear to control

their future weaken your resolve, because you have no idea

how many difficult nights passed before they were able

to show such confidence in the saddle.

with trust and patience you can become master

of your dreams, only then your future self and who you

are today can meet one another,

think of all that is still within you, can you

see just how far your future is willing to take you,

it is your guide,,, believe!


  1. sv

    Meaningful. And if you find it to difficult tame it then get on to it , go wherever it takes you , fall down , get hurt …but don’t leave it …keep holding on and one fine day we’ll understand it enough to learn to ride in harmony and peace ……even with the wildest beast……the rider and the ridden as one.

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